Vital information-must read Quicketch terms of use


These Terms of Use is set out to show how Quicketch uses and protects any information that is provided to us by our clients.

We take the complete responsibility to make sure that your information remains safe & secure. These informations are used only for the purpose of raising an invoice & to contact you. Quicketch keeps this information very confidential and does not share with any third parties for commercial use.

Quicketch reserves the right to alter, revise, include or exclude any portion of these Terms of Use, at any time at its sole discretion.We advise you to have a periodical check for any kind of change.

Copyright notice

Quicketch does not authorize you to use, copy, imitate, print or share any information on our website without the owners permission.

Service terms, Time flexibility & Rework policy

The services rendered to our clients are Clipping Path, Hair Masking, Skin Smoothing & Retouching. These services are offered with various other add-on services and paid services based on the request of the client. A dedicated production team works based on the guidelines provided to them in line with the terms and conditions.

If the images are not delivered in the specified time requested, we make sure that the job is done absolutely free of cost.

More over if you’re not satisfied with the service offered to you, we request you to send back the images with your reasonable feedback, so that we will process it again to your satisfaction with no additional cost.

This also helps us in the training of our back end production team. As we believe in customer satisfaction.

Under no circumstances will Quicketch be liable for any loss or damage of the image while you upload.

Non- ownership of Images

Quicketch does not take the ownership of any images sent by the client. Quicketch uses the images only for the purpose of etching & other add-on services based on the request of the client.

The images sent by the client are not modified or altered, unless & until a client requests for add-on services. We might request you for your permission to use your images in our website as our work sample. However, it is entirely your discretion.

Free trial

Quicketch offers free trial for one image for every service rendered to our new clients, this allows them to judge & feel the quality offered. However, you must register in our website by filling out all the required fields in the provided form to access the free trial.

Make sure that the images you upload for free trial is less than 5 mb.

Quicketch also reserves the right to withdraw this service without any prior notification.


Upon completion of the uploading process on our website you are guided to the payment gateway through PayPal. Only after the payment receipt, your job is assigned to the production team.

Money Back Policy

Your amount will be refunded only if you inform us about the cancellation within 30 mins from the time you have placed the order (Only for Delivery time above 12 hrs). Refunds will be given at the sole discretion of the Management.

These Terms of Use are accredited legally.

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